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‘Gremlins 3’ Update: Screenwriter Carl Ellsworth Shares Potential Plot Details



'Gremlins 3' Update: Screenwriter Carl Ellsworth Shares Potential Plot Details

Updates on the third film in the Gremlins series have been lacking over the past couple of years, but in a recent interview with the folks over at Cult MTL, screenwriter Carl Ellsworth (Disturbia), who’s co-writing the project with original Gremlins screenwriter Chris Columbus, shared the first potential plot details for the upcoming sequel.

While speaking with the site, Ellsworth shared the following details:

These little creatures…they’re cold-blooded little murderers, you know? They’re psychotic little creatures that are killing everybody. So that’s where it all started….I tried to preserve the humour, but at the same time, I was starting with the foundation of this being a horror movie, which I was really thrilled about…Gizmo was at the very core of the story; it explored more of the mythology and the history of the Gremlins.

As good as the above plot details sounds, the film’s co-writer Chris Columbus would need to get those certain right issues resolved (reported here back in November of 2020) before any kind of movement on Gremlins 3 becomes a reality.

What do you think of Ellsworth’s comments? Are you excited for a new sequel in the beloved horror series? As usual, you can sound off down in our comments section below this article to let us know what you think of this latest piece of news.

Stay tuned for more potential updates.