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Guest Editor: PJ Starks Interviews ‘Close Calls’ Actress Jordan Phipps



Guest Editor: PJ Starks Interviews 'Close Calls' Horror Actress Jordan Phipps

Actress Jordan Phipps has been acting since she was very young. Now it seems that all those childhood dreams are coming true as she’ll be a lead in not just one but several horror features set to release this year. I had a chance to talk with Jordan about her love for acting, particularly in horror films.

PJ Starks: Tell the readers a little about your background and what got you started into acting?

Jordan Phipps: I was a performer from the age of three, making myself fake cry in the mirror so I could watch myself. I knew I wanted to be a professional actress at the age of 10, and when I got into theatre by 15, I was hooked. I was a huge reader growing up, with a big imagination. It wasn’t really a surprise to anyone that I ended up pursuing this professionally.

PJ Starks: Let’s face it, the horror genre will never die. What is it about these types of films that you love so much?

Jordan Phipps: What’s not to love? I have always loved the horror and suspense genre. I love the buildup of the story; I love the feeling of being scared. I think these are emotions that are hard to create, and it’s an adrenaline rush. When I was eleven years old I watched The Ring with my dad and was freaked out for a good two hours. But the next day? I was looking up all the scary movies I could on T.V. I wanted to see what else was out there. I think another thing I love is the insane fan base. There are cult followings for these films, of people who just “get it”. No other genre really has that, and I respect that a lot.

10/31 Mary

PJ Starks: You and I had a conversation once about you rising to the ranks of Scream Queen, as you’re in several genre films now such as 10/31Close CallsCryptids and potentially Volumes of Blood 3. Why horror films? What draws you into the roles that you play?

Jordan Phipps: I think the thing I love about these characters is that they’re so unconventional. Horror films possess the ability to get away with so much more than the typical rom-com or drama. I love difficult characters, and taking them and making them my own. Horror films have really allowed me to do that, and hopefully capture audiences with my character.

PJ Starks: I remember a time when very few women were even interested in horror, however, those times are long gone. Now we have so many prolific horror actresses and filmmakers like The Soska Sisters, Ana Lily Amirpour and Jennifer Lynch. The list goes on and on. It’s truly an exciting time for women in horror and rightfully so. What do you think caused this shift and where do you see the climate of the genre in ten years?

Jordan Phipps: Women in horror are so inspiring to me. It used to be such a male-dominated genre, with many females not wanting to be involved. There weren’t many types of roles for females, other than “damsel in distress”. I think that the more females get involved with writing, directing, and acting in horror, the more that will improve. In the next 10 years, I’d love to start seeing more female villains in film. We have the Jason’s and Freddy Kruegers that are so well known, I think it’d be awesome to see a female take the lead.

Jordan Phipps

PJ Starks: Without giving too much away, can you tell us about your Morgan character in Close Calls and what was your favorite part of playing that role?

Jordan Phipps: Close Calls will always hold a place in my heart because Morgan was such a trip to play. I remember thinking that the stunts she pulled would never fit in another genre, but that’s why she’s such a badass. My favorite part was watching her develop almost different personalities as the film progresses. I have never played a character like her, and I honestly can’t think of any films with characters like her. She’s in a category all to herself.

PJ Starks: In the film 10/31 your character dabbles into some very dark subject matter such as playing with the Ouija board. Even though they’re just props on a film set, were you ever uncomfortable messing around with those? Do you believe in the power of the Ouija board? Why or why not?

Jordan Phipps: I totally believe in the Ouija board. I’m a big believer in energy transfer, and that if you put enough negative energy into something, things can manifest. It might sound crazy, but I always have positive-charged crystals and things with me on set. Even if it’s just one or two stones, especially messing with that stuff, it puts me more at ease.

PJ Starks: What sort of advice can you give any other aspiring actresses that want to break into the horror genre?

Jordan Phipps: Go for it! There are going to be so many people who tell you “no.” Don’t let that be the end of your game. The key as an actor or actress is finding your niche, and owning it. Make connections, support other artists in the game. It’s all about honing your craft and finding projects that you are fit for.



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