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Guest Editor: PJ Starks Interviews “The Face” Actor Eric Huskisson



Guest Editor: PJ Starks Interviews "The Face" Character Actor Eric Huskisson

Like me Eric Huskisson is an Owensboro, KY native and quite simply one of the most dependable and hard working artists I know. His work can be seen in the Addy Award winning mockumentary Project Deathpack to the award winning short film Lattie. I’d say I had the pleasure of catching an interview with him, but all I had to do was call him. Eric is a big fan of mine, so it was easy to score an interview with this man about town. We discuss his rise from a character actor to producer, the forthcoming Volumes of Blood 3 and many cool tidbits about his indie film journey.

PJ Starks: You started out mainly with acting and worked your way up to producing. From The Confession of Fred Krueger to Volumes of Blood: Horror Stories. What aspects of producing attracted you the most?

Eric Huskisson: Before filming started on Volumes of Blood I volunteered to do anything you needed me to help with on the project. You asked me to help with a few small things in the beginning and the more I did the more I liked what I was doing. I wanted to learn more and more and you started to trust me to get things done and that definitely gave me more to do and I loved it. When we started Blood Moon Pictures I wanted to be in involved in all aspects of the film making process. Producing puts you hands on with every part of the film. It’s putting the right directors, stories, actors, locations, etc. together and watching it all come together in one fluid piece. It’s an awesome and very satisfying experience!!

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PJ Starks: You’ve worked on several projects over the last several years. What has been your favorite set to work on, why and what did you take away from the project?

Eric Huskisson: Even though I was stressed out at times and ready to throw things through the wall I would have to say VOB: Horror Stories. Watching the talent working on this film come together and master their craft just amazed me. We had a lot of hurdles that had to be jumped but at the end of the day it worked out great. I didn’t realize how much work a producer had to do until I produced VOBHS. The amount of work that must be accomplished before filming can even begin is mind numbing and I can’t wait to do it again!! It’s like being a conductor listening to all the different instruments make one beautiful song!

PJ Starks: For two films you’ve portrayed an unstoppable killing machine known as The Face, what has that experience been like?

Eric Huskisson: It has been a dream come true! I always thought it would be awesome to portray a character like Michael Myers or Jason Voorhees. When you told me I would be portraying The Face I couldn’t believe it. I was thrilled and I couldn’t wait to get started. It hasn’t always been the greatest experience though. The costume is extremely hot and I basically have tunnel vision with the mask on. It makes some of the fight and kill scenes extremely difficult. I literally can’t see what I’m doing. Trust me I’m not complaining, because I can’t wait to put The Face suit back on!!

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PJ Starks: The Face’s body count is well into the 20’s now. What is your favorite kill so far and why?

Eric Huskisson: I would have to say the spine being ripped out through the back in Volume of Blood. It was really cool to shoot and it looks awesome on film!

PJ Starks: We’ve been working with Josh Lambert and Mythmaker Games crew to collaborate on a role-playing game based on the universe of Volumes of Blood. Why is that so exciting?

Eric Huskisson: There are some things in life that just bring the kid out in you. The moment I found out about the game was one of them. When I found out a card game was being created based off the first two installments of Volume of Blood I was so freaking excited. I was like, “Please let it happen” over and over in my head. Josh Lambert and his crew at Mythmakers have done a magnificent job with the game and I can’t wait for everyone to play it.

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PJ Starks: It is rumored that we’re in early development on the next Volumes of Blood film. What can fans of the franchise expect from the final installment?

Eric Huskisson: The success of the first two films has been surreal. The dedicated work of all the talented people involved with these films are the biggest reason for this! We do plan on having a lot of the same crew back for our next installment for sure. However, we do plan on bringing in new talent to several areas of the third installment. This will allow us to take the sequel to the next level while keeping the VOB world balanced. This is what I think our fans deserve and have grown to expect.

PJ Starks: What advice would you give other artists wanting to produce indie film?

Eric Huskisson: If this is really what you want to do and the opportunity is there then don’t hesitate. No matter how small the project maybe you will gain experience and be around like minded people. You don’t have to wait for a feature because I’ve worked on several shorts that I loved working on just as much. Just make sure you have the time needed and dedication to complete the project. Put yourself out there as much as you can and it will happen. Networking is key! Don’t wait for the opportunity to come to you.



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