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‘Halloween Ends’: Producer Jason Blum Teases Something is Coming “Soon”



'Halloween Ends': Producer Jason Blum Teases Something is Coming "Soon"

If you are getting desperate for an update on Blumhouse and director David Gordon Green‘s Halloween Ends, the film’s producer Jason Blum teased in a tweet this past Friday evening that a general update or possibly some footage is coming soon. I would imagine a full trailer is some months away yet, which could be revealed during Universal’s CinemaCon slate on April 27th before it makes its way online at a later date.

You can check out Blum’s response to Twitter user WeptSmile‘s question about an update embedded below, simply replying with the word “soon”.

Halloween Ends will see Jamie Lee CurtisAndi Matichak, and Kyle Richards reprise their roles in the film as Laurie Strode, Allyson Strode, and Lindsey Wallace. Actor Michael O’Leary recently joined the cast as Doctor Mathis. Nick Castle and James Jude Courtney will both return to the role of the boogeyman Michael Myers.

What do you think we could be getting some footage from this October’s Halloween Ends? If not, what do you think Blum is teasing in his tweet? As usual, you can let us know the answers to both questions down in our comments section below this post.

Halloween Ends is set to slash up theaters worldwide on October 14th2022.



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