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Halloween Movies Digs Deep and Finds the Long Lost “Dr. Death” Opening to ‘Halloween 5’!



Halloween Movies Website Digs Deep and Finds the Long Lost "Dr. Death" Opening to 'Halloween 5'!

After years of mystery, the long lost “Dr. Death” alternative beginning to Dominique Othenin-Girard’s Halloween 5: The Revenge of Michael Myers has finally been discovered! The folks over at teased their findings today in an interview with Don Shanks, who played Michael Myers in the fifth franchise instalment.

Here’s a short snippet from the interview with Shanks:

(I was) placed on this stone alter, and all around (the set) were things that the production had gotten from witches, and people that sell you the occult. And there were scrolls and different chants and this and that. And (suspended from) the altar, right above me, was this rock that looked like a stalactite – it was on a string and it would circle. And Dr. Death was doing an incantation on me, and then he tattoos on me the Thorn rune, which is the sign of eternal life. And so he does all these incantations, and on Halloween Eve (one year later) I come back to life.

So I put the mask on,” continued Shanks of the results of Myers’ not-quite-grateful response to his resurrection, “and I grab Dr. Death by the throat and pick him up over my head and break his back, and then put him on the altar, and take the stalactite and I go through his chest with it. I thought it was one of my better kills. But (later) Moustapha thought it was too much of the occult type thing. So they decided to shoot it differently.

You can check out a photo of their Halloween 5 findings below, and you can read the full interview with Shanks at the website.

Dark Universe will continue to keep you updated on this story.

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