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‘Hellraiser’ Creator Clive Barker to Regain U.S. Rights to the Franchise



'Hellraiser' Creator Clive Barker to Regain U.S. Rights to the Franchise

According to a recent report via THR, Clive Barker, creator/director of the original 1987 horror film Hellrasier, (based on his novella The Hellbound Heart), has successfully regained American rights to the beloved franchise in which cenobites are summoned to earth through a mysterious puzzle box know as the Lament Configuration.

As noted on the court papers, beginning December 19th, 2021, the rights to the Hellraiser franchise will be in Barker’s hands.

American copyright law states: Under the termination provisions of the Copyright Act of 1976, authors may recapture rights from publishers after waiting a prescribed period (usually 35 years for newer works) and sending a notice within a five-year window.

As you probably already know, Barker is attached as executive producer on the new “Hellraiser” TV series for HBO. Spyglass Media also have a new Hellraiser future film in the works, but it’s unclear whether or not Barker grasping the rights will impact the projects movement.

Are you excited to learn of Barker’s ownership of the Hellraiser property? Are you a fan of the Hellriaser franchise? Sound off in our comments section below.