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‘Hollow Man’ and ‘Hollow Man II’ Getting (UK) Blu-Ray Collector’s Edition Set



Theatrical and Director's Cut's of 'Hollow Man' and 'Hollow Man II' Coming to (UK) Blu-ray

88 Films has just announced the UK Blu-Ray release of Hollow Man and Hollow Man II on collector’s edition set, which hits shelves on August 12th, 2019. This amazing set includes both Theatrical and Director’s cuts of the first film. We have the awesome cover artwork for you below, along with a direct pre-order link RIGHT HERE!

The Special features haven’t been revealed yet, but you can rest assured that Dark Universe will keep you posted.

Via the company’s Facebook page: “Coming Soon Hollow Man and Hollow Man 2 Collector’s Edition – Includes both Theatrical and Director’s cuts of the first film.”

Hollow Man: “After years of experimentation, brilliant but arrogant scientist Sebastian Caine has discovered a way to make matter invisible. Determined to achieve the ultimate breakthrough, Caine pushes his team to move to the next phase – using himself as the subject. The test is a success, but when the process can’t be reversed, Caine seems doomed to a future without flesh.

Hollow Man II: “A government experiment goes wrong, leaving soldier Michael Griffin permanently invisible. When his health starts to deteriorate, he goes after the scientists who ruined his life.

You can pre-order Hollow Man and Hollow Man II on Blu-Ray from

Hollow Man and Hollow Man 2 UK Blu-Ray



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