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Horror Master John Carpenter to Create the Score for Pablo Aragüés’ ‘1,200 Souls’



John Carpenter on Stage

The legendary horror master John Carpenter, who is scoring Blumhouse’s new Halloween film, will also do the score for Pablo Aragüés’ upcoming Spanish fantasy thriller flick 1,200 Souls starring Jean Reno (Leon).

Carpenter recently took part in Mick Garris’ podcast Post Mortem, where he revealed his involvement with 1,200 Souls.

Yes, yes, yes, and I’m gonna do some scores this year. Gonna do the HALLOWEEN score, I guess. And 1,200 SOULS is a movie being made, I’m gonna do the score for that. Yeah, it’ll be fun.

Variety reports that Reno will play the role of Jacques the Frenchman, a hermit who knows more than he lets on and proves the only villager who stands by Carla as she seeks to get to the bottom of events.

In a small town nestling in the lap of the high Pyrenees, to which a young woman, Carla, returns to scatter her mother’s ashes, only to be confronted by violence, deaths and the seemingly supernatural, such as the spontaneous combustion.

1,200 Souls will go into production in Summer 2018, shooting entirely in Aragón, Spain.