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Horror Streaming Service ‘Shudder’ Arrives In The United Kingdom



Shudder UK Service

Are you fed up with the lack of decent horror streaming services? Well, we are very excited to bring you news that horror streaming service Shudder is finally here in the UK!

Shutter has the backing from AMC, which is curated by Colin Geddes, who programmes Toronto Film Festival’s remarkable Midnight Madness section, along with former editor of Fangoria Sam Zimmerman. You can find over 200 horror films on the streaming service as of right now, with tons more to be included, and we’ve heard that 80% of their library is not currently available on the other serious streaming services here in the UK, so it deserves a big thumbs up.

Shudder will have a bunch oif exclusive titles, like TV series Beyond The Walls and Dearest Sister, which were both shown at the London Film Festival with positive reactions. You can also expect to see Rob Zombie’s psycho clown flick 31, demonic Sadako Vs Kayako, Spanish chiller Shrew’s Nest and lots more to come.

If you can’t find your favourite horror film on the service, then you’re probably wondering what’s going on, right? Well, calm down and relax, because Shudder will soon be adding Hellraiser 2, Nekromatik, White Of Eye, and plenty other titles to come. And if you love your classic Hammer Horrors films, fans can look forward to a bucket load of those being added very soon.

Signing up for Shudder will cost £4.99 a month or £49.99 for the full year. For more information on the service, visit the official website.



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