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[Image] ‘Night of the Living Dead II’: David Howard Thornton as a Zombie in Secretly Filmed Sequel



[Image] 'Night of the Living Dead 2': David Howard Thornton as a Zombie in Secretly Filmed Sequel

Take your first look at the secretly filmed sequel to George A. Romero’s classic 1968 zombie film Night of the Living Dead. Rue Morgue shared the first details on writer/director Marcus Slabine‘s latest feature Night of the Living Dead II, along with an exclusive image of Terrifier actor David Howard Thornton in full-blown zombie makeup.

Slabine shared some details on the zombie Thornton portrays:

David is completely unrecognizable in a full body suit and face prosthetics,” Slabine tells us, “thanks to effects makeup designer/producer Elizabeth Piper S. and her team: Jackie Hughes, Susie Bua, Beatrice Sniper, Angel Soltero, Angelina Vincenzi and Mario Lacagnina, with special thanks to pieces created by RBFX and Damien Leone. Elizabeth did an incredible job capturing and creating the look and design, and says, ‘This is only a taste of what I designed for the movie.

Slabine on honouring the Romero series:

Romero’s NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD changed cinema as we know it and created one of the greatest subgenres out there,Slabine says.His DEAD series has been an inspiration to filmmakers such as myself, and getting to play within the zombie universe is a dream come true. We all poured a lot of love, passion and blood–so much blood–into the making of this movie, and truly hope it resonates with people. We want to honor this universe and truly make something that fans will love and enjoy on its own merit. As the writer/director, I wanted to create a movie with deep characters, a captivating original story and the zombie gore that we all love so dearly. Also, the zombies will not run!

Plot details are as follows:

“Night of the Living Dead II takes place on a remote island where a small group of survivors of the zombie apocalypse take shelter, only to face fresh terror when the flesheaters find their way ashore.”

Rue Morgue notes: Night of the Living Dead II is a co-production of Into The Labyrinth LLC and Without A Net Productions, with Slabine, Piper, Vincent Petrosini, Elyssa Rabinowitz, Steve Conca and Karin Agstam as producers.

Jolene Marie Richardson (The Last Drive-In) served as costume designer on the project

After you finish looking at the grotesque image below, you can visit the now live website.

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