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Interview: Actress Diva Tyler Talks New ‘Halloween’ Film, TV Roles, and Danny McBride



Diva Tyler

I recently had the opportunity to conduct a short interview with actress Diva Tyler, who has appeared in TV shows such as (“Eastbound & Down”, “Single Ladies”, “Local Talent”, and “Constantine”), among many others. She played the character of “Coleman” in Deronte Smith’s 2014 horror thriller Prosper. Most recently, however, Tyler scored the part as “Carketaker” in Blumhouse’s Halloween.

DU: How did you get the part of “Caretaker” in the new Halloween film?

DT: David Gordon Green had an interest in me becoming a part of the cast.

DU: Can you tell us a bit about your character in the film?

DT Yes, No, tune in Oct 19th (LOL).

DU: What interaction did you have with the cast and crew on the set of Blumhouse’s Halloween?

DT: There were quite a few that I had worked with previously, so it was like a mini-reunion.

DU: Did you have any scenes with “The Shape” Nick Castle or Jamie Lee Curtis?

DT: Yes and No.

DU: Jamie Lee Curtis describes the new Halloween film as an “astonishingly scary revisit to Haddonfield”, would you agree?

DT: What she said…LOL!!!!

DU: Are you a fan of the franchise?

DT: I am now, LOL!!! Also for the gentleman who asked the question as to whether or not I am in the movie for at least 30 minutes, As well as most folks in the industry are aware of that’s always a director’s decision, I am not privy to what happens in the editing room.

DU: How was your experience working on the Halloween set with director David Gordon Green?

DT: I absolutely love working with David Gordon Green anytime and every time, This is my 3rd film working him, the first being “Eastbound and Down”, The second was, “Vice Principals”.

Diva Tyler Halloween

DU: You’ve worked along side Halloween executive producer Danny McBride in a number of projects, what’s he like in real life?

DT: Yeah I’ll have to tell you about a scene in “Eastbound & Down” where Danny put a sword to my neck and I grabbed him by the balls, He definitely didn’t see that coming, I was sure they would edit it out, But they didn’t but he is such a great guy to work with and a consummate professional, he just yelled, LOL!!

DU: Can you tell me a little bit about your character “Coleman” in Prosper?

DT: I portrayed Haitian Priestess in which I had 21 days to learn how to speak Haitian creole, My main objective was to give warning to the overcurious and insistent neighborhood kids.


DU: Do you enjoy playing characters in horror movies?

DY: I find that it can be quite fun and fascinating, I’d like to explore an even darker role.

DU: As an actress, which genre is your favorite for movie roles?

DT: My three favorite genres , Drama, Dramedy and Comedy

DU: If you had to pick your favorite movie/tv role, which one would you choose and why?

“Eastbound & Down”, It was my first film after transitioning from theater and Lo and Behold, I had the awesome and amazing opportunity to work with David Gordon Green, Danny McBride and Will Ferrell, all in one fell swoop, Couldn’t imagine it could get any better than that. Plus, I was encouraged to ad lib my own lines so much of what I said was totally unscripted, When I was growing up if I were ever caught cursing, my ass was grass and my Mother was the lawnmower, so this was the first time in my life that I actually got paid to use profanity, hahaha!! Originally, I was only contracted to do one episode, But the vibe and chemistry was so on point, that they offered me another opportunity to do a second episode, I was in “Eastbound & Down” Heaven.

DU: Any other projects coming up that you’d like to talk about?

DT: Not according to my NDAs.

DU: Thanks for taking the time to talk with Dark Universe.

DT Hail and farewell to Nick and the “DARK UNIVERSE” Thank you, You are both awesome!!