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‘It Follows’ Star Maika Monroe Would Love to Return for Sequel



‘It Follows’ Star Maika Monroe Would Love to Return for Sequel

It has been awhile since we’ve heard any discussions for a potential sequel to the 2015 hit horror film It Follows and while there still isn’t a plan for a sequel to enter development anytime soon, we now know who would be interested in returning for a follow up.

Star Maika Monroe told ComicBook that she would gladly return for a sequel as long as the original writer and director David Robert Mitchell returned as well:

I would absolutely love to work with David again. That would be a dream, but, you know, we’ll just have to wait and see.

It Follows stunned horror fans and critics alike during its theatrical run in 2015 earning a 96% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes with many calling it one of the best horror films in years. Sequel talks heated up shortly after the original release but have since died down in the following years.

Monroe is now doing her part to advocate for a sequel as she understands the type of influence the movie has had on the horror genre. She added:

It’s been a crazy ride. Being a part of It Follows, there’s so many movies that have changed the horror genre, but I know that It Follows is such a massive influence and this change of the genre, which was so cool to be a part of, and so many people really connected with that film. For me, with these projects, all I can do is give the most honest performance and I don’t look at it necessarily as a horror film or thriller or this or that. It’s just me really falling into this character and bringing as much truth as I can so that people can really fall into the story.

It Follows begins after carefree teenager Jay (Maika Monroe) sleeps with her new boyfriend, Hugh (Jake Weary), for the first time, she learns that she is the latest recipient of a fatal curse that is passed from victim to victim via sexual intercourse. Death, Jay learns, will creep inexorably toward her as either a friend or a stranger. Jay’s friends don’t believe her seemingly paranoid ravings, until they too begin to see the phantom assassins and band together to help her flee or defend herself.

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