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Italian Horror Film Director Pupi Avati is Back With ‘Mr. Devil’!



Italian horror director Giuseppe Avati, better known as Pupi Avati, is returning to the genre with his latest offering, Mr. Devil. The film is based on a book written by Avati himself, which tells the story of two boys in Polesine in the 50’s. One of the two dies of malaria, and the locals believed that he died because he had dropped the wafer during the first communion. The friend, not resigned of his death, makes every effort to contact a deformed who reportedly has relations with the Devil himself.

Avati is known to horror fans for his masterpieces of the macabre, The House with Laughing Windows and Zeder.

At the recent Bif & st Bari International Film Festival event in Italy, Avati spoke passionately about his next horror project, Mr Devil:

I want to return to the fears and the things that frightened me when I was a kid. What scares you the most? To believe the existence of absolute evil: the devil. Rebuilding a 50’s world campaign for me is interesting to do an operation. I’m very excited. I want to return to measure myself with that fantasy world that was the peasant fable. I want to return to those ‘scary’ stories that are told by the fireplace. It ‘an attempt to regenerate an Italian film in which there are always the usual cast, which does not distinguish a film on the other. The Italian cinema is not earning anything, the box office is a war bulletin.

Sounds interesting enough to get us excited, and it could be another reason to believe Italian horror is on its way back. dark Universe will keep you updated on this story.

The House with Laughing Windows

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