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James Cameron to Conclude the ‘Terminator’ Franchise With Deadpool’s Tom Miller



James Cameron to Conclude the Terminator Franchise With Deadpool's Tom Miller

We never saw this coming. Deadline has just reported some huge news, stating that Terminator franchise creator James Cameron will regain certain rights to the title in 2019, which will lead him to be creatively involved with a new Terminator film somewhere down the road.

Cameron is currently in early talks with Deadpool director Tim Miller to helm a reboot, but nothing has been officially confirmed yet. We just hope that Arnold Schwarzenegger will be involved, we so need the real Terminator back.

David Ellison, whose Skydance co-financed Terminator Genisys, is bankrolling an exploratory effort that includes engaging some top-flight science fiction authors to find the movie creatively. Ellison still holds many Terminator rights, after his 2013 acquisition from sister and Annapurna principal Megan Ellison. She bought them in 2011 at Cannes for $20 million.

For those of you wondering,  “The Terminator might have endured the craziest road of any billion-dollar movie franchise, going back to when Cameron — who only had Piranha 2 under his belt as director — sold rights to his scripted project for $1 to producer Gale Anne Hurd, with the stipulation he could not be fired as director. The result was a 1984 sci-fi classic that launched his star and that of  Arnold Schwarzenegger. Cameron came back and topped himself to write and direct he blockbuster Terminator 2: Judgment Day, but he washed his hands of the property after that. He mentioned to producers Mario Kassar and Andy Vajna his plans to buy the rights back from Carolco bankruptcy. They beat him to the punch, figuring he would still participate, but Cameron responded by walking away. He didn’t participate in the three films that followed, or the TV show The Sarah Connor Chronicles. The rights ended up with Pacificor, which paid $29.5 million, and Megan Ellison bought them after that company floundered.

It’ll be some time before this actually becomes a reality, but it should be well worth the wait. Cameron has four other Avatar movies to make first, so hopefully those sequels won’t put a road bloke in the way for too long. We know he’ll be returning in some capacity, that’s for sure.



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