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James Gunn Wanted to Remake Larry Cohen’s Horror Classic ‘It’s Alive’



James Gunn Wanted to Remake Larry Cohen's Horror Classic 'It's Alive'

The original 1974 It’s Alive writer and director Larry Cohen (The Stuff) sat down with Indiewire and revealed some interesting facts about the remake.

Cohen goes on to explain that, at one point in time, James Gunn was trying to score the rights to the film so he could create his remake version of It’s Alive.

Cohen revealed:

James Gunn is a fan and a friend. He wanted to make a remake of “It’s Alive” actually but he couldn’t raise enough money to buy the rights. I’m sorry today I didn’t give them to him. But he’s beyond that now.

Cohen went on to explain his hatred for remakes:

I don’t like remakes. It tires me out to see that they keep announcing this and that picture is being remade. I say, Why? It was a good movie. Why can’t you come up with some original idea? Why can’t you come up with something clever and new and different? Why does everything have to be a sequel or a remake or a comic book?

You can read the full interview with Larry Cohen right here!

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