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James Jude Courtney Will Shoot Scenes for ‘Halloween Ends’ Next Month in Savannah, Georgia



James Jude Courtney Will Shoot Scenes for 'Halloween Ends' Next Month in Savannah, Georgia

In a recent cameo video Michael Myers actor James Jude Courtney did for a fans birthday, he revealed that he doesn’t start filming his scenes for Halloween Ends in Savannah, Georgia until February 10th, exactly one month later than originally planned.

We were also informed recently that a casting call for Halloween Ends has been posted to the website known as Backstage, and according to their description, filming will still be taking place on January 19th2022 for many other actors and performers in the film.

Are you ready for the final confrontation between Laurie Strode and Michael Myers in Halloween Ends? Who do you think will survive out of the two? As usual, you can let us know the answers to both questions down in our comments section below this post.

David Gordon Green is once again directing, with Jamie Lee Curtis, Andi Matichak, and Kyle Richards reprising their roles in the film as Laurie Strode, Allyson Strode, and Lindsey Wallace. Nick Castle will also return as Michael Myers for the final time.

Halloween Ends is set to slash up theaters worldwide on October 14th2022.



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