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Jamie Lee Curtis Reminisces About Her Part in John Carpenter’s 1980 Slasher ‘The Fog’



Jamie Lee Curtis Reminisces About Her Part in John Carpenter Slasher 'The Fog'

In recent social post on her Instagram account, horror queen Jamie Lee Curtis, who starred in John Carpenter‘s 1980 slasher film The Fog, reminisced about her time working on the film. Continue reading to learn more details of what the actress had to say about her struggles to find more acting roles after Halloween had come out.

Curtis also revealed how grateful she was that both Carpenter and Debra Hill had her in mind for an acting role in The Fog while writing the script for the horror film:

Walking in the fog last night reminded me that I was in the movie THE FOG and that John Carpenter and Debra Hill wrote the part for me after the movie Halloween had come out and I couldn’t get any work except for a guest shot on Charlie’s Angels and The Love Boat. Feeling grateful at this very moment for their belief in me as from then on I have consistently found satisfying and exciting creative work which is one of the great privileges for a performer.

Since 2018’s Halloween, Curtis has been embracing her career in horror. Lucky for her, Carpenter and Hill gave her an acting gig in The Fog at a time when she needed it the most, and it was another opportunity to show what she could do as an actor.

What did you think of Jamie Lee Curtis’ acting abilities in The Fog? Are you a fan of the 1980 slasher film? As usual, you can post your thoughts down in our comments section below this article to let us know what you think.

You can check out Curtis’ full post here.



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