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Jane Levy Doesn’t Have Any Immediate Plans to Return to the ‘Evil Dead’ Universe



Jane Levy Doesn't Have Any Return Plans for 'Evil Dead' Sequel

We have been waiting around 5 years for a sequel to Fede Álvarez‘s beloved Evil Dead. An update of sorts has just arrived from Jane Levy, star of the 2013 remake, who shared her thoughts on the whole thing in an interview with Uproxx.

Levy explains the rumors regarding Evil Dead II.

I just read that Bruce Campbell said you were making another one. I have heard many rumors through the years, whether it’s on the internet or through my agent, and I don’t have anything to tell you, although I’m tempted to make something up because that’s what everyone else does who’s involved with the franchise. They love to just rile up the fans every couple of months by saying some nonsense. But it’s incredible to be part of something with such a strong fan base, and I feel so lucky that I was embraced and not rejected by the Evil Dead fans, and I think Bruce Campbell is so cool.

She finished with:

And I do not have any immediate plans to be in the Evil Dead universe.

Not the best news for fans of the Evil Dead franchise. We are still hoping that one day Álvarez will get to direct the sequel. What do you guys think? You can express your thoughts in our comments section below.