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‘Jason Goes to Hell’ Director Adam Marcus Shares Creighton Duke’s Backstory



Jason Goes to Hell Creighton Duke

Creighton Duke‘s character in director Adam Marcus’ Jason Goes to Hell was very memorable, a badass bounty hunter who wouldn’t stop at nothing to take Jason Voorhees down. But why was he so obsessed with killing Voorhees? Continue reading to find out.

Sadly, we never got to find out in the film why Duke has history with Voorhees. But in a recent Facebook Q&A chat that took place at the Club Voorhees group, Marcus revealed the beans.

Here’s what happened. A teenage Creighton was out on Crystal Lake with his girlfriend,” Marcus explained. “Jason capsized their small boat and pulled the girl down into the lake. Creighton tried to save her but could not. She was never seen again.

He continued, “Creighton vowed revenge and from that moment on he spent his life in the study and pursuit of Jason. He became a bounty hunter just to fund his work in taking down his nemesis. That’s the story.

It would of been nice to learn this information in the film, don’t you think?