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Jessica Chastain Hopes to Play Adult Beverly Marsh in ‘IT: Chapter 2’



Jessica Chastain

How damn good was Andres Muschietti IT? We thought it was incredibly well made. Good news is, we also have the second chapter to look forward to in the near future. Another question comes to mind, which actors would you like to see cast as the adult Losers’ Club in IT: Chapter 2?

In a recent interview, American actress Jessica Chastain revealed that she’s very interested in playing Beverly Marsh.

Speaking with ScreenRant today, Chastain said: “Well, I love Andy and Barbara. I worked with them on Andy’s directorial debut, you know, his film, Mama. His first film. And you know, Barbara is one of my best friends so…

She continued: “Listen, of course, I want to work… they’re my friends. They’re like my family. Anything that they’re doing I want to be a part of, so I hope we can make it happen.

What do you guys think? Do you like the idea of Jessica Chastain as Beverly? Dark Universe will continue to keep you posted on this story.

IT: Chapter 2 will reach theaters on September 6th2019.



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