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John Carpenter: An Escape From Hollywood Documenaty Via Fog Lake Productions



John Carpenter Hosting El Rey's Halloween Horror Edition Showcase

A new documentary on the master of horror John Carpenter is being put together by Fog Lake Productions, which will mainly be financed via crowdfounding. The plan is to have the documentary released on to DVD and Blu-Ray sometime in 2016. If you want to know more about the documentary, check out the press release below!

“John Carpenter – An Escape from Hollywood is a planned documentary about the american filmmaker John Howard Carpenter, who influenced me and my love for movies very much. In his long time career he directed, wrote and scored most of his movies. Although his name and many of his movies are likely familiar to everybody (e.g. Halloween, The Fog, Escape from New York, The Thing), John Carpenter has always been an independent minded, modest character who would not fit into the glamorous image of Hollywood.

For the last 15 years it has gotten very quiet around the ‘Master of Horror’ and it seemed John Carpenter had turned his back on Hollywood and the film industry. Just some isolated interviews now and then and some tiny side projects appeared. But since 2015 he is very present again; not in the movie business but as a composer. With the album “Lost Themes” he presented along with his son Cody and his godson Daniel Davies music for imaginary movies, which the audience could develop in their heads. A second album as well as a world tour of Retrospective Live performance followed this year.

The documentary will be primarly concerned with the musical work of Mr. Carpenter in his four decades of filmmaking, which hasn’t been done before (not so much about his movies as there are enough informations on them given until today). There is a whole story to tell, as John Carpenter worked with many big names of composers over the years, such as Ennio Morricone, Alan Howarth, Shirley Walker, Jim Lang, Mark Killian and the Heavy Metal band Anthrax. They shall all speak up (as well as Mr. Carpenter himself) and tell the audience some stories about working on the music of his movies. Of course there should be given an answer to why Mr. Carpenter did hardly not direct any movie in the last 15 years and what side projects he took part in.”

You can watch a great video teaser for John Carpenter: An Escape From Hollywood documentary below! If you would like to help fund the project and keep up to date with the progress, you can do so by visiting Fog Lake Productions official website.



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