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John Carpenter’s ‘Christine’ Gets an Indicator Limited Edition (UK) Blu-Ray



John Carpenter's Christine Gets an Indicator Limited Edition (UK) Blu-Ray

Powerhouse Films will be bringing us a very limited edition indicator release of John Carpenter’s Christine on Blu-Ray in the UK for the very first time, but don’t waste any time ordering the film because you might miss out. You can pick up the film on dual format from October 3, 2016, and once it’s gone, it’s gone forever! Check out the special features along with the cover art below.

“John Carpenter brings Stephen King’s best-selling novel to life in this chilling thriller.

She was born in Detroit… on an automobile assembly line. But she is no ordinary automobile. Deep within her chassis lives an unholy presence. She is CHRISTINE a red and white 1958 Plymouth Fury whose unique standard equipment includes an evil, indestructible vengeance that will destroy anyone in her way. She seduces 17-year-old Arnie Cunningham (Keith Gordon), who becomes consumed with passion for her sleek, rounded chrome-laden body. She demands his complete and unquestioned devotion and when outsiders seek to interfere, they become the victims of Christine’s horrifying wrath.”


  • Audio commentary featuring John Carpenter and Keith Gordon
  • Deleted scenes (26 mins)
  • Ignition (12 mins): how Christine got started
  • Fast and Furious (29 mins): interviews with Carpenter and screenwriter Bill Phillips
  • Finish Line (7 mins): a look at the score
  • Isolated score track
  • Original theatrical trailer
  • New and improved English subtitles for the deaf and hard-of-hearing
  • Booklet with new and archival contents
  • Dual format edition

If you would like to pre-order your copy of the film, you can do so at

Christine Blu-Ray UK



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