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John Carpenter’s ‘Halloween’ 4K Ultra HD (UK) Blu-Ray Coming in October With 5 Art Cards



John Carpenter's 'Halloween' 4K Ultra HD (UK) Blu-Ray Coming in October With 5 Art Cards

John Carpenter’s 1978 horror masterpiece Halloween is being treated to a 4K Ultra HD Blu-Ray release on October 1st, celebrating 40 Years of Michael Myers. The (UK) edition will come packed with five awesome art cards from the classic film, along with special features which have yet to be announced. Head on down to check out the original cover artwork and art cards in full detail, including a direct pre-order link RIGHT HERE!

Synopsis: “On a black and unholy Halloween night years ago, little Michael Myers brutally slaughtered his sister in cold bold. But for the last fifteen years, town residents have rested easy, knowing that he was safely locked away in a mental hospital – until tonight. Tonight, Michael returns to the same quiet neighbourhood to relive his grisly murder again…and again…and again. For this is a night of evil. Tonight is Halloween!


  • Five art cards

You can pre-order yourself a copy of Halloween on 4K Blu-Ray from 4K 1 Halloween 4K 2 Halloween 4K 3



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