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John Jarratt: ‘Wolf Creek’ TV Series is “Scarier With a Similar Climax”



John Jarratt: Wolf Creek TV Series is "Scarier With a Similar Climax"

Scifinow talked with John Jarratt (Mick Taylor) about the Wolf Creek TV series and working with his co-star Lucy Fry (Eve Thorogood). It’s a great discussion and well worth reading through, so we have highlighted some of what John had to say about the series below.

“With the first movie it was like letting the monster out of the cage,” explains Jarratt. “The second movie was ‘The monster is out of the cage,’ and this is ‘Let’s chase the monster!’ We can’t just do the same old boring piece of crap, you know what I mean? We’ve got to change the tune and the dance steps occasionally to keep it interesting. It’s turned it into more of a psychological thriller.”

“Every time you see Mick the horror fans get their little bag of lollies throughout the series, but it’s basically about Eve, Lucy’s character, chasing me all over the Outback. And it’s a great premise; it’s like Unforgiven but a little scarier and with a similar climax, only Lucy Fry plays Clint Eastwood.”

What he had to say about his co-star Lucy Fry:

“We had plenty of opportunity in the make up bus to get to know each other, and it’s extraordinary, I watched her more than acted with her, I just liked watching her do her thing,” he enthuses. “I’m not the kind of guy that sits in a Winnebago all day looking in the mirror, I get bored, so I go on set, and it was great just to watch her do her scenes. When I met her I thought, ‘Oh my God, I don’t know whether she’s going to be able to cut it, you know?’ It was such a powerful character she was about to play, and she’s kind of butterfly-ish, if you know what I mean, like ‘Hi! Great to meet you!’

“And then you stick the clapperboard in and go clack and this other thing comes out. She’s got a lot of depth and goes straight there. She’s a really good actor, really good. I say ‘Look out Cate, here comes Lucy.’ I think she’s that good.”

You can go to the Scifinow website to read more on what John Jarratt had to say about Wolf Creek TV series.

Catch the Wolf Creek TV series on Tuesdays in the UK at 10pm on FOX.



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