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John Kassir Talks Hopeful Cryptkeeper Return in ‘Tales from the Crypt’



John Kassir Cryptkeeper

After M. Night Shyamalan’s Tales from the Crypt reboot deal with TNT fell through, fans were left wondering what the future holds for the series. Well, we do know that original Cryptkeeper John Kassir is still very much on board to voice the character.

If the series gets picked up again in the future, we can take comfort in knowing that Kassir will return. The good people over at Daily Dead recently sat down with Kassir about a possible revival at some point. Check out what he had to say in a new interview below.

John Kassir on returning as The Cryptkeeper:

Oh yeah, for sure. I don’t think anybody’s been as active in keeping that franchise alive as me, just in the amount of conventions that I go to, to see the fans and to show appreciation… So I would certainly love to be involved.

John Kassir on the future of Tales from the Crypt:

I’m sure some people were sad because the rights fell through for TNT and M. Night Shyamalan, who had secured the rights from the Gaines family, who owned the comic book stories. But the fact that that didn’t work out for them means that there’s a possibility they may wind up in our lap again, which would include me and Kevin Yagher’s puppet. We’re excited about that. We’re hoping that that works out.

We’re sure that a lot of horror fans would love to see this happen, including ourselves. How awesome would it be to get that show revival with Kassir and Yagher on board together?



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