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Kane Hodder And Bill Moseley Come Together To Star In Wild Game



Kane Hodder and Bill Moseley have been working together quite a bit lately, some of their most known work includes The Devil’s Rejects, Old 37, Charlie’s Farm, Smothered, the upcoming Death House, and now Wild Game. Their next film Wild Game will be directed by journalist Staci Layne Wilson, which sounds like it will be a horror survival film.


“Four friends pay for a weekend out on a faux survivalist course. Though no gadgets are allowed, one of the friends sneaks a video camera on the trip into the wilderness. What she records and what they experience is the frightening reality that their opponents on this survival course are playing to the death.”

Wild Game stars Kane Hodder, Bill Moseley, Bianca Bradey, Aaron Alexander, C. Ernst Harth, Daniel Cudmore (X-MEN franchise), and scream queen Tristan Risk.

This will be one horror film to keep a close eye on, and what a great cast it has. It sounds like the film will have a wilderness setting, along with some awesome horror stars running around causing mayhem. I Just love the sound of that.

Wild Game Poster