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Kane Hodder Will Appear In Marcus Bradford’s ‘Witchula’



We have been informed that horror icon Kane Hodder will be joining the cast of Marcus Bradford’s Witchula, and he will be playing a character named Elias Lou Warren. Kane will also be involved as the film’s Stunt Coordinator, something we all know he does best.

The film will also feature regular vampires, witches, and werewolves. We are sure that all the fans who visit our website love any kind of monsters, vampires, witches, creatures and werewolves, which is a very positive thing for Witchula.

“The film involves a group of college exchange students travel to a small and remote town situated on an exotic island; only to discover they are being hunted down by a powerful witch-vampire “hybrid” that seeks something in their possession.”

Witchula will now star Kane Hodder, Bill Oberst Jr., Eileen Dietz, and Marilyn Ghigliotti.

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