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UK Indie Author Keith Baird’s ‘The Jesus Man’ and ‘Nexilexicon’ Now Available as Audio Books



UK Indie Horror Author Keith Anthony Baird's 'The Jesus Man' and 'Nexilexicon' Now Available as Audio Books

2018 was a prolific year for UK indie author Keith Anthony Baird. January saw the release of his post-apocalyptic debut novel: The Jesus Man, which was a cosmic horror depicting Earth ravaged by a final conflict, only to suffer further, as all of Hell was to rise from the ashes. Not content with bringing just one full-length offering to the market, Baird brought a second in the shape of supernatural sci-fi Nexilexicon in early December.

Now, both titles are set to be launched as audio books this month, to sit alongside their Kindle and paperback versions. Produced on ACX, they will be available on Amazon, Audible and iTunes. The digital and print versions can be acquired via the following links:

The rest of 2019 will see him working on a book of short stories titled And A Dark Horse Dreamt Of Nightmares, which will be a collection of dark and strange tales. Beyond that, another full-length novel is planned; a Gothic horror titled Scordatura Diabolica.

You can contact the author via Twitter: @kabauthor, by his blog: or by email:



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