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Lionsgate Promises to Dominate the Horror Genre Once Again



Lionsgate Promises to Dominate the Horror Genre Once Again

Lionsgate used to be one of the most important names in the horror genre, especially with long-running Saw franchise, The Devil’s Rejects, Cabin Fever, and the Hostel films. What have they been up to since their gory days? Not much, but now the studio wants to get back in the game and become a force once again.

Chairman of Lionsgate Michael Burns commented: “We used to own horror. We’re going to own it again.”

Their plan begins with horror-thriller flick titled Cobweb, then the studio’s next two projects include theme park horror Hell Fest, and the new Hellboy. We could also see another Saw sequel at some point.

Cobweb follows: “A boy’s abusive parents have always told him the voices he hears in the walls of his house are only in his head. But when he discovers that they’re real, he conspires to let them out.”

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