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Lisa Wilcox Visits Location of the Crave Inn from ‘The Dream Master’



Lisa Wilcox Visits the Crave Inn from Elm Street 4 The Dream Master

In the latest filming location video series, Lisa Wilcox (Alice Johnson) takes you on a tour around the Crave Inn. Culver City, CA, which is one of the more memorable scenes from A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master.

Elm Street star Lisa Wilcox, who played Alice Johnson in The Dream Master and The Dream Child sequels, has just launched her brand new YouTube series that will see her returning to familiar filming locations from The Dream Master.

Wilcox revealed why shes revisiting the past:

As a surprise, a friend of mine took me to the location in Culver City where we filmed The Crave Inn Exterior scenes in Dream Master,” Wilcox told us. “We had a lovely lunch at what is now called Café Laurent. It dawned on me that a trip down memory lane might be a blast to share with all lovers of Nightmare On Elm Street.

While we wait for other cool Elm Street surprises, check out the Crave Inn filming location video below!