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Lucas Gets Taken By The ‘Child Eater’ In This Eerie Trailer



Lucas Gets Taken By The Child Eater In This Eerie Trailer

Child Eater looks to be one eerie horror film, which is written and directed by Erlingur Thoroddsen, the project raised funds via a Kickstarter and has completed filming. In the trailer, a nightmarish figure known as the Child Eater takes away a young boy called Lucas. Take a first look below for the trailer and a poster.

“Babysitting can be a real nightmare, especially for Helen who’s stuck looking after Lucas, a frightened boy who says he hears noises coming from his bedroom closet. Shortly after he makes those claims Lucas disappears, possibly at the hands of an infamous supernatural serial killer who, as legend has it, eats children’s eyes in order to keep his vision. Helen’s only option? Enter the dark, creepy woods where the mythical “Child Eater” lives to try to save Lucas.”

The film stars Cait Bliss, Melinda Chilton, and Colin Critchley.

The world premiere for Child Eater will be at Brooklyn Horror Film Festival on October 16th. In attendance for the opening of Child Eater will be producer and respected film journalist Perri Nemiroff.

Child Eater Poster