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‘Madman’ Producer Gary Sales is Working on a Remake; Script is Complete



'Madman' Remake: Producer Gary Sales Has Completed a Script

I guess it was only a matter of time before someone decided to tackle a remake of writer-director Joe Giannone‘s 1983 cult horror slasher flick Madman.

Gary Sales, the man who produced the original horror gem, has completed a script for the remake titled Madman: The Updated Remake. Sales revealed some details on the remake this week and those snippets of information can be found below.

In an interview with BD, Sales told them:

The Madman remake script is written. I’m in the process, through my agent and my industry contacts, of getting it into the hands of studios, production companies and financiers who see the incredible value and potential of Madman as an Icon of Fright and a horror brand that could last another 38 years.

 He continued:

It has a very loyal audience over these many years and we’ve picked up a lot of new audience since the advent of Blu-ray, streaming and the net, so I’m casting a net to bring Madman to everyone around the world that loves horror today. Our fans run from Peoria to Perth and New York to Germany, Sweden, and Pakistan. And that includes Quentin Tarantino, who’s always been a champion and great fan of the picture. It was his proramming it at the Alamo Draft House Midnite shows that kept us alive coming into the 21st century.

 Sales gives details on the script:

It still opens with its iconic campfire. But there’ll be a new Max telling the tale. And it’s going to be a more interactive tale. Meaning, some of the victims have a chance. There’ll be something to root for. And lastly, without giving away too much… Even before it’s become so popular, I’d been re-writing with a female lead who has to find courage in the midst of the murder and mayhem of that terrible night.

It all sounds very promising, don’t you think? Does a modern version of Madman get you excited? As usual, you can let us know the answers to both questions down in our Disqus comments area below this post.

We’ll have more on the Madman: The Updated Remake soon. Meanwhile, you can check out some early artwork below.

Madman The Updated Remake Poster



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