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Make Room for Sam With Mezco’s New 15″ ‘Trick ‘r Treat’ Doll



While we wait for news regarding Michael Dougherty’s sequel to the original Trick ‘r Treat, we can look forward to Mezco’s amazingly cool 15″ Mega Scale Sam doll. If you have a hobby of collecting horror figures, we think Sam will sit nicely beside your Michael Myers, Freddy Krueger, Leatherface or Jason Voorhees collectables.

Standing an impressive 15 inches tall, Sam comes complete with his infamous and mysterious sack as well as his deadly oversized translucent lollipop. Remove his film accurate hood mask to behold his twisted demonic visage. His tattered orange footie pajamas complete the outfit. Sam features over 9 points of articulation, and comes packaged in a specially die-cut window box perfect for display. Just remember, he can watch you from inside the box, so don’t blow out your pumpkin until midnight.

Sam is due to be shelved in stores around September / November of 2017. You can pre-order now via Mezco’s website. The doll will cost you only $90.

Mezco Trick ‘r Treat Doll 1

Mezco Trick ‘r Treat Doll 2

Mezco Trick ‘r Treat Doll 3

Mezco Trick ‘r Treat Doll 4

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