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Mark Duplass Teases That He’s Started Work on ‘Creep 3’



Mark Duplass Teases That He's Started Work on 'Creep 3'

If you loved the first two Creep films, then you’ll be pleased to hear that a third movie is currently in the works. Mark Duplass, who starred in both of director Patrick Brice‘s found footage movies, shared the news this past Wednesday that they have begun writing Creep 3.

Duplass shared the following post via his Instagram page, along with a cool video.

While we work on writing CREEP 3, please enjoy the world premiere of CREEP 2.5

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If you’re unfamiliar with the Creep films, here’s the plot details for both.

Creep Synopsis:

A videographer (Patrick Brice) answering a Craigslist ad is summoned to a remote cabin in the woods by Josef (Mark Duplass), who says he’s dying and wants to leave a video behind for his son. As the day goes on, Josef’s behavior gets stranger, but is he dangerous or merely an oddball?

Creep 2 Synopsis:

A video artist looking for work who drives to a remote house in the forest to meet a man claiming to be a serial killer. But after agreeing to spend the day with him, she soon realizes she made a deadly mistake.

We’ll have more news on Creep 3 as soon as it becomes available.