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‘Marvelous Mandy’ Comes to Blu-Ray, DVD, and Vimeo On Demand



Marvelous Mandy Comes to Blu-Ray, DVD, and Vimeo On Demand

Chase Dudley’s new horror-thriller Marvelous Mandy is now available to purchase on both Blu-Ray and DVD, or you can stream it online via Vimeo On Demand.

HORRORinsidetheBOX presents Marvelous Mandy, staring Paula Marcenaro Solinger, written by Brentt Slabchuck and directed by Chase Dudley.

Down-on-his-luck single dad Harvey Fowler gets a much needed boost when he meets children’s author Mandy Simpkins, author of the Marvelous Mandy storybooks that his daughter loves. Their beautifully vivacious relationship seems like it couldn’t get any more perfect, until Harvey gains some disturbing insights into her fractured mental state. When cracks start to show through her dreamlike personality, Harvey learns who she really is- and just how vicious she’ll become to maintain the illusion of her perfect life.”


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You can find the film on Blu-Ray and DVD at

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