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‘Masters of Horror’ Creator Mick Garris Working on a New Anthology



'Masters of Horror' Creator Mick Garris Working on a Brand New Anthology

Masters of Horror Creator Mick Garris, who has also written and directed such classic horror as Sleepwalkers, recently sat down with Nerdist to talk about anthology horror and revealed some information on his next project, which will be a new secret anthology film.

Mick Garris talks about his “secret” anthology:

I’m working on putting together an anthology movie that will be coming together very soon. It’s kind of secret right now but we are well into it and just making something I think, for genre fans of which I count myself one, will be very, very happy with and excited about.

On enticing John Carpenter out of his self-imposed retirement:

He’d been treated like s**t by the studios. Then he had so much fun on Masters of Horror that that’s why he went back and did The Ward and that turned out to not be his favorite experience either… But we got Tobe Hooper to do great stuff, John Landis, Joe Dante. We were able to bring people over like Dario Argento and go to Japan and do it with Takashi Miike and it was really an amazing kind of once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Very exciting news! What do you think? Stay tuned to Dark Universe for more on this story.

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