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Matt Cordell Returns in ‘Maniac Cop’ Reboot; Begins Filming this Summer!



Matt Cordell Returns in 'Maniac Cop' Reboot; Begins Filming this Summer!

Matt Cordell is set to make his return in a modern day adaptation of William Lustig’s 1988 cult horror classic Mania Cop, which will begin shooting this summer in Los Angeles, produced by Nicolas Winding Refn and Lene Børglum, with Wild Bunch handling world sales.

Maniac Cop was penned by Ed Brubaker (Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Angel of Death) in collaboration with Refn, and will be helmed by John Hyams (Universal Soldier: Day of Reckoning).

Børglum told Variety that Maniac Cop will not be a pure horror film but rather a contemporary and realistic action thriller. Børglum said that the long-gestating project took several years to get off the ground because it took some time to secure the film rights, find the right director and partners, and get the financing in place. Christopher Woodrow’s Vendian Entertainment was previously involved in the film.

Although Refn will be creatively involved in the film, Maniac Cop will showcase Hyams’ directing style. “The reason why we wanted to work with John Hyams is because we love his visual style and his ability to work extremely well on a limited budget,” Børglum said.

Paul Brett at London-based Prescience MA’s Merlin Funds has come on board to finance the pic, which is being produced by Refn and Børglum’s Copenhagen-set banner Space Rocket Nation, along with Bold Films.

Maniac Cop follows a determined L.A. police officer who sets out to reveal the truth about the brutal murders of innocent people by one of her fellow cops. Casting for the film is underway.

Dark Universe expect great things from this reboot, with such a talented bunch of people on board it should turn out to be one pretty decent flick.



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