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Mesquite Actress Lindsey Craft Joins Cast of ‘Camera Phone 2’



Mesquite Actress Lindsey Craft Joins Cast of Camera Phone 2

Actress Lindsey Craft (Web Comedy Show) has been cast in the upcoming horror film Camera Phone 2. This is the sequel to the (2012) film written and directed by Eddie Brown Jr. Lindsay plays the role of Tina, and from what she said about her role, it sounds like she will be one of the films victims.

It’s going to be pretty popular,” “It comes out in Dallas two weeks before the premiere in Hollywood.”

“I did not have to audition,” “They actually called me up and said they wanted to cast me in the movie.”

“They actually watch the videos on the cellphones of people being murdered, and I am in one of those videos on the phone.

It sounds like a fun flick, doesn’t it? I guess we’ll find out soon.

Camera Phone 2:

There is a package with 4 phones, and each phone has a video on it. They will then learn curiosity did kill, when their lives become a part of the terror which is “Camera Phone 2.

Camera Phone 2 hits select theaters April 8th.

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