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Michael Dougherty Plans to Make ‘Trick ‘r Treat 2’ His Next Project!



Trick ‘r Treat

Michael Dougherty hopes to bring our beloved Sam back for anthology sequel Trick ‘r Treat 2.

We first heard about Dougherty’s desire to make a sequel back in 2013, but other projects held back his plans to move forward with the long-awaited project. Will it ever see the light of day? Dougherty seems very keen to do it.

On a recent podcast via Mick Garris’ Post Mortem, Dougherty revealed his plans:

My hope is that once Godzilla has been put to rest that I can dive back into [Trick ‘r Treat 2],” he told Garris. “I would love to finish writing it in post-production [of Godzilla] and then I’d love to make it my next project.

But we’ll see,” Dougherty told the site.

Dark Universe will continue to keep you posted on all Trick ‘r Treat 2 news.