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Mick Taylor Hunts His Prey in New Teaser for Stan’s “Wolf Creek” Season 2



Wolf Creek Mick Taylor

Stan is set to unleash the second season of “Wolf Creek” to Australian streaming services, which runs from December to February. This time around, Mick Taylor (John Jarratt) will be hunting a bus full of tourists.

Watch Mick track down a bus full of fresh victims in the new teaser trailer down below.

The second season will be a six-part, high-end psychological thriller “pitting a diverse cast of characters against an inhospitable, remote landscape, whose lethal dangers are personified by the series’ infamous serial killer.

Mick Taylor sees an opportunity of a lifetime after a chance encounter with a coach full of tourists from around the globe. The unwitting travellers begin an outback adventure none of them could have imagined.

Cast includes Tess Haubrich (Alien: Covenant), Matt Day (Rake, Paper GiantsUnderbellyKiss or Kill), Ben Oxenbould (Comedy Inc.The Kettering IncidentThe Code), Laura Wheelwright (Animal Kingdom), Stephen Hunter (The HobbitThe Leftovers) and Chris Haywood (ShineMuriel’s WeddingDogs in Space).

Writer and producer Greg McLean revealed that Mick will “take his hobby of hunting and killing to shocking and chilling new levels as we delve deeper into his twisted psyche.



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