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New ‘Ghost House’ Images Show Scout Taylor-Compton Haunted by Spirits



New ‘Ghost House’ Images Show Scout Taylor-Compton Haunted by Spirits

Director Rich Ragsdale‘s supernatural horror fright flick Ghost House stars Halloween‘s Scout Taylor-Compton and James Landry Hébert, which takes place in Thailand. The film looks like a very dark, terrifying, creepy story of possession.

In Ghost House, a young couple goes on an adventurous vacation to Thailand only to find themselves haunted by a malevolent spirit after naively disrespecting a Ghost House.

Alongside a sea of new imagery and a poster, we also have the official trailer for your viewing pleasure.

The film is due for release in limited theaters and VOD August 25, 2017, from Vertical Entertainment.

A young couple, Jim and Julie, are vacationing in Thailand where Julie falls in love with photographing small shrines called“Ghost Houses” that are believed to give spirits shelter and comfort. A couple of British travelers take them into the countryside with the promise of showing Jim and Julie a ghost house graveyard where many of the shrines are discarded. After leaving the graveyard with a souvenir, Julie is increasingly plagued by visits from a malevolent spirit that threatens both her sanity and her life. After Julie is literally frozen in a state of terror, Jim must find a way to lift the curse before he loses Julie to the ghost world forever.

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