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New Pinhead Says ‘Hellraiser: Judgement’ Could Set Up a Sequel



New Pinhead Says 'Hellraiser: Judgement' Could Set Up a Sequel

Hellraiser: Judgement‘s new Pinhead Paul T. Taylor doesn’t have an easy job stepping into the iconic role, which was made famous by the great Doug Bradley. Taylor seems fearless, making it clear that he’s not worried about fans opinions.

He recently talked with Open the Trunk about the upcoming film, expressing his enthusiasm for the role of Pinhead.

Taylor on the fans accepting him as the new Pinhead:

Oh yeah. I was warned from the very beginning about that. I’m not afraid of anybody. I mean, it’s just words and, you know, words can hurt, sure. If they see the film and they don’t like me as Pinhead, that’s their prerogative to spew hate, but really, every actor is different. As much as I’m going to try to do sort of an homage to Doug Bradley’s Pinhead and “Hellraiser’s” history, this is a new film and I’m a different actor. So, yeah… people are entitled to their opinions, but I’m not worried. I’m more excited about people who DO like me as Pinhead than I am worried about people who don’t like me as Pinhead.

Taylor hopes that Hellraiser: Judgement will capture some “Clive Barker flavor”:

I’m hoping that this particular 10th film on the 30th anniversary year of the original “Hellraiser”… I’m hoping that it brings back some of that original Clive Barker flavor. I really think the script does. I just have a lot of hope for it.

Taylor says Hellraiser: Judgement could set up sequels:

It’s an unexplored part of Hell, I would say, introducing some new characters and some new mechanisms behind where Pinhead and all of that comes from. And, it’s also a jumping off point for a sequel following this one that could continue the story that it tells because it’s a true “Hellraiser” script with a beginning, a middle, and a sort of ambiguous end. And these new characters they introduced could be in future “Hellraiser” films. I can’t talk about them. I’m not supposed to because that would be giving spoilers away.

Hellraiser: Judgement also stars A Nightmare On Elm Street’s Heather Langenkamp, Damon Carney, Randy Wayne, Alexandra Harris, John Gulagher, Mike Jay Regan, Diane Goldner, Andi Powers, Jeff Fenter, Helena Grace Donald, and Grace Montie.

We are still waiting an official release date, so keep checking Dark Universe for more updates as they happen.

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