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New Sideshow Jack Burton ‘Big Trouble in Little China’ Collectible Figure



New Sideshow Jack Burton ‘Big Trouble in Little China’ Collectible Figure

One of the greatest and most loved characters in movie history has got to be Jack Burton, who was played by Kurt Russell in director John Carpenter’s classic 80’s film Big Trouble in Little China. Well, if you love him as much as we do at Dark Universe, you’ll be able to display Burton on your desk in a collectible toy form very soon.

Sideshow will be releasing a sixth scale figure of Jack Burton, which stands 12″ and has a very realistic resemblance. The figure is set to hit shelves between Jan 2018 and Mar 2018, but it will be limited to 1,500 pieces. Also, let’s not forget, a miniature version of “The Guardian” will come included.

Our new limited-edition Jack Burton figure raises the bar yet again for the possibilities of the sixth scale format. Featuring a super-lifelike portrait of Kurt Russell in all of his mid-eighties glory, including a lovingly sculpted rendition of his magnificent mullet! From the laces on his custom leather boots to the creases to the weathering on those sweet eighties blue jeans – each part of his wardrobe has been recreated for supreme movie-accuracy.

We’ve also produced miniature versions of the weapons that Jack uses to great (and unintentionally hilarious) effect while battling Lo Pan and his minions. Check out the attention to detail on his tiny semi-auto pistol and his boot knife. We’ve captured every minuscule detail on this 12” figure–even recreating the tiny stitching on his leather watch cuff!

Jack is also outfitted with multiple hand configurations (fists, relaxed hands, gun hand and knife hand) for optimum pose-ability.

Head on over to the official Sideshow website to place a pre-order for yours!

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