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New Trailer for ‘Do You See What I See’ Christmas Horror Flick



Christmas Short Horror Film Do You See What I See? Teaser Trailer

We absolutely love to check out new seasonal horror offerings, and now we have another one to look forward to this coming Christmas period. Unstable Ground has released a new Do You See What I See? teaser trailer for the upcoming horror short. What a perfect gift this would be for any fan who loves Christmas themed slasher movies.

The film is currently making its rounds at the film festival circuit at Calgary Underground, so it should be landing in time for Xmas 2016. While we wait for its release, head on down to enjoy a very creepy video montage.

Do You See What I See?‘ is written and directed by Serena Whitney and Toronto After Dark Film Festival’s very own Justin McConnell.

Two sisters throw an Xmas house party, unaware that a deadly invader will be crashing the proceedings. The short puts a unique and timely spin on the proud tradition of Canadian-produced Xmas horror.

Caleigh Le Grand, Jorja Cadence, and Adam Buller star.

What do you think? It reminds us a little of Black Christmas and Silent Night Deadly Night, which is a very good thing, right? I guess we’ll have to wait to find out how good it turns out at the end of this year.

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