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New Trailer and Poster for ‘After The Lethargy’ Discovers Hybrid Human Aliens



New Trailer and Poster for 'After The Lethargy' Discovers Hybrid Human Aliens

Devilworks has just debuted the official trailer and poster artwork for Spanish director Marc Carreté’s Alien Sci Fi horror flick After The Lethargy, just before the Berlin International Film Festival this Thursday.

The film was first presented at SITGES, as part of the Pitchbox program, when it was a proof of concept and Devilworks has boarded Worldwide rights and will present the film to buyers in Berlin at the EFM.

Synopsis: “A young journalist who travels to a war shelter, where one of history’s most terrifying alien abduction occurred and discovers she is being hunted by a family of hybrid human aliens.

Starring Andrea Guasch (Submergence), Joe Manjón (Framed, The Man Who Killed Don Quixote), Ramon Canals (Asmodexia) and Mark Schardan (Realive).

After The Lethargy screened at Terror de Molins, Buenos Aires Rojo Sangre and won Best Scare at the 2018 Horror Movie Awards and Best Sci Fi at 2018 New York City Horror Film Festival. Marc Carrete and Charles Hamilton executive produced.

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