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Mick Taylor Arrives in This New ‘Wolf Creek’ TV Series Clip



Mick Taylor Arrives in This New Wolf Creek TV Series Clip

We can look forward to a mini Wolf Creek TV series coming later this year. Stan, an Australian streaming service, will air six (One Hour) episodes for you to enjoy. Get ready for return of vicious killer Mick Taylor, who is played by John Jarratt. Now, that’s got to put a smile on the faces of horror fans around the world.

In the series, “Lucy Fry stars as Eve Thorogood, an American tourist on holiday with her family who becomes the sole survivor when her family is massacred by Mick Taylor. In the wake of the murders, she becomes hellbent on revenge.

The TV show is being described as a fresh take, while exploring a new female character. Here’s what Wolf Creek‘s Greg McLean had to say.

Having a female point of view is really interesting because it flips that whole slasher thing on its head because it’s not about that,” says Wolf Creek writer/director Greg McLean. “It’s actually about her exploring a character and trying to understand the motivation for a character – it’s much more character-focused as a raw piece of storytelling.

While we wait for Wolf Creek 3 to come out, you can watch a short but fun clip of the TV series, check it out below!



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