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The Next ‘Friday the 13th’ Film Begins Casting for a Spring Shoot



The Next Friday the 13th Film Begins Casting for a Spring Shoot

Can you believe this will be the 13th film in the iconic horror franchise? Well, some good news has just been revealed that casting on the next Friday the 13th has already begun, which is being produced by Platinum Dunes for Paramount Pictures and is set for a release on Friday the 13th, October 2017. The target date is perfect for horror fans, but fingers need to be crossed that it doesn’t get changed.

The good folks over at F13Franchise reports that pre-production is currently underway in Conyers, Georgia, which is 24 miles East of Atlanta.

The reason that the production in Conyers is interesting is that Platinum Dunes is scheduled for shooting in that town starting in March and lasting through to May. That leads us to believe a good majority of filming should take place in that area. (On a side note, we tried to get the official start date, but were unable to get a solid confirmation.)

Another interesting bit of information about Conyers is that it is just under 12 miles away from Covington, Georgia where ‘Jason Lives: Friday The 13th Part VI’ was filmed!

Breck Eisner (The Crazies) is helming the project with Aaron Guzikowski (Prisoners) writing the script. Brad Fuller has said the film is “an origin-ish story.”

The 13th installment in Friday the 13th will focus on the family members, including Pamela Voorhees, and also Jason’s father, Elijah.



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