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Next ‘Gremlins’ Film is “Almost Definitely a Reboot,” Says Chris Columbus



Next 'Gremlins' Film is "Almost Definitely a Reboot," Says Chris Columbus

Horror fans have waited years to see another Gremlins sequel come to light, and today’s piece of news might enrage many of our readers of Dark Universe. Chris Columbus, screenwriter of Joe Dante’s original 1984 creature classic, told the folks over at Metro UK that the next film is in the works, and it will almost definitely be a reboot.

In a very brief statement from his interview with the website, Columbus revealed a few details on the direction of the next Gremlins film.

Columbus on production:

Gremlins… we are actively talking about that. So that’s what I am working on with my production company, 1492 Pictures.

He continues:

It will almost definitely be a reboot.

Dark Universe will keep on track with updates regarding the next Gremlins film. How do you feel about a remake? Would you rather see another sequel? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.



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