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The Next Installment of ‘A Quiet Place’ to Be Helmed by ‘Pig’ Director Michael Sarnoski



The Next Installment of 'A Quiet Place' to Be Helmed by 'Pig' Director Michael Sarnoski

The year 2021 brought the return of cinema to the theater, and leading the charge was the first major release to suffer the effects of the COVID-19 shutdowns, A Quiet Place Part II. A sequel that was never originally intended by director John Krasinski, the film grossed close to $300 million, outpacing the 2018 original film and setting pandemic-era records. With a third installment in the works and tentatively slated for 2023, albeit with Krasinski stepping away from the helm, the question of who is taking on this modern horror juggernaut has been on the mind since Jeff Nichols departed the project back in October.

Now, as first reported by Deadline, we know that Michael Sarnoski, who most recently directed the Nicolas Cage character study that was Pig, will write and direct the as-yet-untitled third film in the Quiet Place franchise. Pig, Sarnoski’s directorial debut, is being heralded as the culmination of the Nic Cage renaissance, with Oscar nomination talks surrounding the legendary actor based on his pained and poignant performance. Sarnoski himself notched several awards for writing and directing Pig, including the Independent Spirit Awards’ Someone to Watch distinction.

As far as A Quiet Place goes, there’s no word on whether John Krasinski or Emily Blunt will feature in the film, though Krasinski will be joined by Brad Fuller, Michael Bay, and Andrew Form as producers for the film, along with Krasinski’s Sunday Night partner Allyson Seeger.

Add the in-development video game into the mix, and A Quiet Place, a film that was intended as a passion project and one-off for John Krasinski, is quickly turning into a wildly successful and lucrative franchise for big box horror.

The third installment is slated for release on March 31st, 2023.