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Nia DaCosta’s ‘Candyman’ Was Originally Going to be Much Different



Nia DaCosta's 'Candyman' Was Originally Going to be Much Different

Nia DaCosta‘s Candyman is currently playing in theaters around the world, and it was recently announced that the spiritual sequel would arrive on 4K Ultra HD Blu-Ray this November with loads of special content including an alternate ending along with deleted and extended scenes. This news has myself along with many other fans curious as to what these deleted scenes and the alternate ending entail.

You may recall the most recent Candyman sequel was slated to hit theaters way back in June 2020, but like many other movies scheduled for release at the height of the pandemic, it was delayed multiple times. Prior to the film’s original release date, a leaked script began making the rounds on social media, and I was able to read it before the powers that be took it down.


In the leaked script for Candyman, which was written by Jordan Peele and Win Rosenfeld, there was no Sherman Fields. In fact, the main antagonist was none other than Helen Lyle. Although she is referenced several times in the actual film, she’s never seen. In the script I read, she’s a prominent character with a role similar to Tony Todd’s in the 1992 film. She spends a lot of time trying to convince Anthony that being a spirit is a blessed condition, while leaving a trail of bodies in her wake.

Nobody, including myself, was able to determine if the script was authentic or if it was written by a fan. Once the first trailer for Candyman finally arrived, it was all but confirmed the screenplay was fake since none of the footage matched what fans read on paper aside from one brief scene that takes place during the final act. As it turns out, the leaked script was in fact real. It wasn’t until Nia DaCosta was brought on as the director when the story changed drastically.

Back when the cast was just beginning to come together for the latest Candyman sequel, an actress by the name of Cassie Kramer was listed as playing the character of Helen Lyle, who happens to be a spitting image of a young Virginia Madsen. We even get a glimpse of someone who appears to be Helen sitting in a church pew in the film’s first trailer, a scene which is noticeably missing in the actual movie. What was also odd is shortly before the anticipated horror flick hit theaters, fans noticed Kramer was no longer listed as playing Helen Lyle, but instead a character simply known as ‘The Librarian.’ Were the filmmakers trying to throw us off, or had Kramer’s scenes as Helen been cut entirely?

I recently had a brief (very brief) conversation with Cassie Kramer, where she confirmed that not only was the leaked script real and that she loved that version, but she was in fact suppose to play Helen Lyle in the new Candyman movie. The actress revealed that her scenes as Helen were cut, but she didn’t go in to detail as to why. This, of course, has me wondering just how many scenes involving Helen Lyle are laying on the cutting room floor and if any of them will make it into the deleted scenes portion of the upcoming Blu-Ray release. I guess we’ll find out next month!

What do you guys/gals think? Would you have liked to see Helen as the big-bad in the latest Candyman installment?



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